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General & Cosmetic Dentist in McMinnville

Friendly Service, a Variety of Treatments

You have a lot of options for dental care, so choosing can be difficult. But no matter what you need, we know you’ll be pleased with our services at Wark Dental Group. We offer friendly, professional care provided by a dedicated, qualified team. Thank you for trusting us.

Our Dental Care Services Include


We offer a full range of routine dental care as well as preventive services to protect your smile now and for years to come. At Wark Dental Group, our highly-skilled team uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible.


Sometimes people have accidents and break their teeth, sometimes folks can’t get to the dentist for years. Sometimes an illness or the wear that comes with time means people’s smiles need lots of attention. Not to worry. In these cases, we work with you to create a smile-resto-ration plan that will renew your natural beauty. We’ll talk about your goals, assess your needs, and work together create a plan that combines restorative care with cosmetic solutions.


We love to give our patients the power to feel confident. So many people come to us and confess they cover their teeth when they smile, or try hard not to laugh in public; they feel self-conscious about their front teeth. Enter the power of cosmetic dentistry.