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McMinnville Restorative Dentistry

Restoring Great Smiles

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are an option for keeping teeth that are badly compromised, and bridges are an option to replace a small number of missing teeth. Crowns are basically a tooth-shaped helmet. Whenever there is a significant amount of decay, or if you’ve had a root canal, the remaining tooth is prepared to receive a crown, then the crown is placed and will stay for years, acting just like your natural tooth.

A bridge is a restoration that holds replacement teeth in place by connecting to healthy teeth on either side. We use metal-free crowns when possible, and also offer porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM).

Dental Implants

Our best option for missing teeth is implants. Implants are a titanium post that replaces your tooth’s natural root, then one or many replacement teeth are supported by the titanium post. There are lots of different options for implants, and Dr. Wark will be pleased to discuss these with you. She is certified to place implant posts as well as the restorations. She will create your replacement teeth and care for your entire implant as she would your natural teeth.

Dental Technology

Air abrasion is a method for removing decay that uses tiny particles and a high-pressure stream of air. Air abrasion is a gentle, safe, and comfortable alternative to drilling. It’s just another example of the ways Dr. Wark provides the best for her patients.

We also provide a clinical series of digital photographs to our patients for comparison. We take a series of eight photos at different angles for all new patients and anyone we haven’t seen in a long time, that way, you can see how far you’ve come!


Dentures are a lot like partials, but they typically replace a full arch of teeth. Whenever your dentist says “full arch,” she means the full set of top or bottom teeth. Dentures are designed to replicate the appearance of your natural teeth as much as possible, and are custom fit to your particular mouth. You can wear them all day, eat with them, and take them out at night for cleaning and to sleep.


Endodontics, more commonly known as a root canal, is the scientific term for root canal therapies. Root canals can stop your pain and save your infected tooth, an infection sometimes called an abscess. That means we will remove the pulp inside the root canals of your tooth, also called the pulp, and fill these canals with a comfortable replacement, then prepare the remaining parts of your tooth for a crown. Dr. Wark assesses all patients who need endodontic therapies, and will either perform the procedure in her office or refer to another doctor, in order to provide the best individual solution for her patients.


In our office, we prefer to use composite fillings. Composite fillings are white, tooth-colored fillings that are made of a resin composite (plastic) material instead of metal. For patients who prefer them, or when composite fillings are not an option, we also provide amalgam. Amalgam fillings are made of metal and are durable and effective.

Inlays & Onlays

We like to think of porcelain inlays and onlays as the stop between the filling and crown on the tooth restoration train. Inlays and onlays can be used when you have a big cavity, or if the whole bite surface of a tooth needs to be replaced. Onlays cover all four cusps of a tooth, while inlays replace other parts of the tooth, like a deeper section between the cusps, or a corner.

Oral Surgery

Whenever teeth need to be removed, Dr. Wark will thoroughly assess the situation and either perform the surgery herself or refer her patients to a specialist. She typically refers patients for wisdom tooth removal or in the case of a bony impaction, but she performs minor extractions with the greatest care and precision for all of her patients, even children.

Partial Dentures

Let’s say you’re missing a number of teeth, but they are not grouped together, or you are missing more teeth than can be replaced with a bridge. In this case, we can create a partial denture for you. These are removable appliances that fit around your natural teeth. You can wear them all day, eat with them, and then take them out overnight for cleaning.